Monday, May 07, 2007

I think I can safely say that, by now, nobody will be reading this. It has been too long since I posted to fear that happening. So now I rant.

I have been living with kidney failure for 6 months now. It hasn't been too bad. A couple of unsuccessful surgeries to install a graft in my arm to do the dialysis through. (They didn't take-my veins are apparently too small) Doing diaylasis 3 times a week, 4:45 at a time. A constant feeling of being tired, plus the nagging thought in the back of my head that I am dying.

My wife and I have gotten a pretty dark sense of humor about the whole thing. It keeps us sane. She has been my rock through this whole thing. She is stronger than even she knows. She keeps me in check and doesn't let me wallow in self pity. It is tempting to wallow, let me tell you. Sometimes I just want to look at the people around me complaining about mudane issues, thinkning that the worse thing in the world is the guy who may or may not like them and making out on the couch. I have noticed that since this all came down I am even less tolerant of mundane issues. DO NOT KEEP COMING TO ME WITH YOUR CRAP ABOUT YOUR LITTLE LIFE ISSUES! WHO CARES IF SO AND SO GAVE YOU A DIRTY LOOK! ARE YOU DYING? NO? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Sorry, but that is my state of mind lately. Now my wife is going off for a week to visit her family. Again. I don't begrude her going. I hope she has a great time. What does make me mad is that they can't be bothered to come visit us. With the circumstances as they are you would think that they might be a bit more understanding and come outour way, but as it is my wife is making the trek, at our expense, to go see them. I know she needs to see her family, she is very close with them but I need her too. Now more than ever. I am worried that something might happen while she is gone.

I am sure this is going to make me look like the "Bad" guy again in her family's eyes but It's how I feel. Why can't they come see us? We have been out the a couple times a year for the last 5 years. We have had 2 visits. Once 2 of her brothers came out and then her parents and Grandmother came out.

Oh well, I am just venting. I am sure everything will be fine.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wow, it has been a long time since I have done this. Things are really going well here at work. You may or may not know that both my wife and I work at a company called TCP. We are an energy efficient lighting manufacturer. With the ever increasing cost of fuel and energy our business is going crazy right now. Our product has been featured on the Ophra show and various other TV shows, not to mention print ads and radio spots. The funny think is most people have not heard of our company because we make so many products for other people. 99% of the Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs that you see at Home Depot (under the Commercial Electric brand name) and 100% of the same product under the n:vision brand name is our product. We make lights for every major lighting company in the US. Needless to say we are very busy. It is a good thing though.

Our company is building a new building right now and it is going to be very cool. We are going to about 10 times our current warehouse space in the new building. It is incredible. All because of Light Bulbs. Hmmmmmmm. Who knew? Talk to you all soon.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just a quick note to say I am still alive and well. Work has been very busy. Since I posted last I have:

1) Been to China
2) Been so sick I thought I was gonna die (great diet plan though)
3) Got an assistant at work
4) Got an XBOX 360 (and yes, it rocks, but I am having some problems with it and , oddly enough, Mr. Gates hasn't called me back to fix the problem yet)
5) Read numerous books
6) Enjoyed Lost!
7) Discovered Ed vs. Spencer on BBC America
8) Saw my Best Friend Jim in Sab Diego. (Ditto on the fact that no one makes me laugh harder, it is amazing)
9) Ohhhh, ate duck tongue. (A little tastes like duck tongue)
10) Learned the joys of Ordering Meat over the phone (Omaha Steaks ROCK)

I miss you all and will see you guys soon.


Friday, January 20, 2006


does that make me a wussy?


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

1. Your Rock Star Name: (Pet's name and street name) Henry Wood Duck (I think I'm a folk singer)
2. Your Movie Star Name: (Maternal Grandfather/Grandmother's first name, favorite candy) Clifford Reese
3. Your "Fly Girl Name": (First initial of first name, first 3 letters of last name) K-SHE
4. Your Detective Name: (Favorite animal, high school mascot) Dog Viking
5. Your Soap Opera Name: (Middle name, birth city) Lewis Tacoma
6. Your Opposite Sex Name: (Name of Parent or Legal Guardian, Cell Phone Provider) Sally Verizon
7. Your Star Wars Name: (1st 3 letters of last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, 1st 3 letters of pet's name) SHELOR HEN. (Definitely a Rancor Keeper).

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